HaroUT Library 1.0 is available

The HaroUT library is now available from NI's LabVIEW Tools Network using JKI's VIPM.


The HaroUT library is a toolkit for ultrasonic phased arrays. It includes a delay calculator and an API for the Olympus Focus PX. More information at www.harotek.com/harout.


Below is a video that demonstrates how to create a simple S-scan plot VI using the library and an Olympus Focus PX.



The code created in the video is available with the current post in LabVIEW 2016 version.


Please, report any bug you can find using this link.


If you have any question about the HaroUT library, please post it as a new topic on the Ultrasonics Virtual Group Forum.

Marc Dubois
HaroTek LLC


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