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usrp 2901 with gnuradio


I am working with USRP 2901 and GNU RADIO 3.7. I am trying to transmit PPM samples and receive the same. I have connected USRP with USB cable to the host.



1.  Each time I run the program, I get different waveforms(inverted and distorted) even without changing any of the USRP sink or source parameter.

My input is real PPM samples and output is complex(real and imaginary part). This real and imaginary part get inverted each time I run the program.

I really dont know if this is due to USRP device setup problem or USRP uhd configuration parameter settings.


It would be really great if anyone could help me out with this.




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You would have better luck with this question if you email as they are GNU radio experts.

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