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missimg USRP Driver



I have already installed NI-USRP. But when I tried to open a labview vi, it told me that labview can't find niUSRP Configure and some other related vi.

How can I install these missing vi?

In addition, I'm using LabView2021 and NI-USRP20.5.0

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Hello  Do1e,

LabVIEW 2021 is the newest version of LabVIEW and it supports a limited amount modules and toolkits yet. Also, the latest NI-USRP driver version is 20.5.0 which means that there is no released driver for LabVIEW 2021 yet. 

I suggest downgrading your LabVIEW 2021 to LabVIEW 2020 and wait for NI-USRP 21 driver version release, after which you can continue using labVIEW 2021.


I hope this will help you 🙂


Best regards.

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Hi Pater. I'm experiencing a similar problem. It won't connect to the USRP, nor can I reset or self-test. I have checked the readme and everything  in my system and software should be compatible. Except I'm using:

LabVIEW 2019 SP1


LabVIEW Communications 5.0

USRP 2901/rev4 with 20.0.1


Is there a way to verify if the driver is installed or downgrade the driver? I have LabVIEW 2017, but I'm unsure what to do about NXG since that is where my course lab lessons are located.




Thank you!


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