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Work with ethernet interface USRP-RIO in real time.



I'm new in the world of USRP and I have some doubts about his potential...

Is it possible to work with ethernet ports (SFP+1Gb/10Gb) with a valid network IP for tx/rx in the internet or any information in real time, with a proprietary network interface?


My intention is to use this ethernet interface (USRP-RIO) linked in the proprietary network as a package listener for transmition in an air interface to another USRP.

Has anyone done this?


Thank you... best regards!

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I don't understand your question. What do you mean by "proprietary network interface"? Do you mean a standard CAT5 ethernet interface, or somethhing completely different? What do you mean by "real time"? The USRP RIO does not run a RTOS, so it is inheriently non real-time in a technical sense, but it runs "live" in a non-deterministic enivronment, so it may meet your requirements. 


Maybe a better way to ask for clarification is this: what are you worried about the USRP RIO not being able to do? 

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Thanks for answer!

My doubt is about the possibility of use the ethernet port for communication with UDP as a independent component in network. So the computer (LabVIEW Comm.) must play a minimum role... Somewhat as picture...






Again, thanks for attention... best regards!


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I'm still having trouble understanding the problem. Is the problem that you do not want to use LV Comms? Or that you want communication from computers in Lan A to Lan B? Or that ethernet won't be fast enough? Or something else?

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The type of system you drew will require you use one of the computers as the 'socket' for communicating to the other set of PCs.  The USRP itself won't be your router... it will need a phy / mac/ and network layer implemented on the PC.



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The second option! I want communication from computers in Lan A to Lan B.
Do you would know say if this is possible?

Again thank you !
Best regards.

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Hi ErikL,

Thanks for answer!!

I understood. But, is it possible to use the USRP as bridge, without need need a phy / mac/ and network layer implemented on the PC? Even if I implement VHDL blocks in FPGA of the USRP?

Best regards!

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It is likely possible with aome serious heavy lifting. Better to just buy a wireless bridge.
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Hi ErikL,

We are working with a project with different modulations and this is one of sceneries we have as objective. 😕
If someone made or saw this, would be of great help...

Thanks for answer! Best regards...

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I have seen this done before as you describe, but I don't remember all of the specific details...


The basic theory follows:

1. Build a PHY/MAC packet radio capable of 2 way TX and RX

2. If the MAC is running on the PC, use a TUN/TAP interface to route etherent traffic through your packet radio


As I said, this is not trivial, but possible.  If you're looking for a starting point the 802.11 Application Framework in LabVIEW Communications may provide a reasonable starting point.



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