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USRP:Gain and attenuation



I 'm working with NI-USRP 2901 and NI-USRP 2954R.

In my case, I'm generating a sinus signal with the Host PC then it is send and received by the same NI-USRP board using a SMA based connexion.

If I have well understood how things happens:

1. the usrp board receives data from the host PC than its power is amplified according to usrp Tx gain

2. the amplified signal is then attenuated by the board

3. the attenuated signal is sent to usrp Rx

4. at the receiver side I am not sure if the amplification of the received signal (according to usrp Rx gain) happens before or after its attenuation by the usrp Rx board ?

So, I wonder:

1. what are the attenuation value of each usrp side (Tx and Rx) for both of the usrps (2901 and 2954R) ?

2. at the receiver side, which happens first: amplification or attenuation ?

3. is there an example of gains values (Tx and Rx) that allow me to preserve the power of the sent data (from host PC to usrp board) as in my case I'am sending sinus signal of average power equals to (1.2429e+13) and I'am receiving data of power_average (1.6338e-06) with usrp 2901.

Have I missed some thing?



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