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USRP-2974 Communication

We are Using NI USRP-2974 .


We want to communicate USRP with Host Computer through Ethernet adapter (enpls0f0) for this we have connected SFP0 Module on the Port 0 .


Then we configured Host Computer with IP Address of and a Subnet Mask of as mentioned in USRP-2974 Getting Started Guide Document.


To test Communication between Host Computer and USRP we Ping the USRP FPGA at address as mentioned in Getting Started Guide Document but the Communication  failed  with message “ Destination unreachable”.


Please provide  Solution for this communication Problem with proper Configuration Steps if it seems  that we are skipping.


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The IP address depends on the FPGA image. If the FPGA image is HG the IP address for port 0 is with 1GB connection, for port1 with 10GB connection.


The XG image is dual 10GB connection. The IP address for port0 is for part1 The ethernet wires or adapters are also important.

Please make sure that for the HG image for port0 the wire/adapter is SFP, for port1 SFP+. in the case of XG image SFP+.



if you want to check the image please use the following steps:

  • open "command prompt window" - Win logo + R and type cmd
  • locate USRP utilities folder and copy the address - C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\NI-USRP\utilities
  • change the directory in the command prompt window- cd C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\NI-USRP\utilities
  • run uhd_find_devices



Hope this was helpful.

All the best

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