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USRP 2921 unidentified device (not appearing in NI-USRP Configuration Utility)

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I have connected NI USRP 2921 with my PC (Gigbit ethernet). I am trying to use it with Labview 2015 64 Bit/2013 32 Bit. I've also installed the NI USRP driver 15.0
My USRP powers on properly. It is also detected by my PC but it does not identify it is USRP and stays unidentified network.

It also does not appear in NI USRP configuration utility.
I have also set a static IP for my computer.
Kindly help.

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Hi lmdadinho,


Since your USRP 2921 powers on and is detected, it sounds like more of a network issue than an issue with the 2921 itself. The Getting Started Guide ( has some network troubleshooting steps to try, beginning on page 12. This might be a good place to start.


Ashley G.
Staff Applications Engineer | RF & Wireless Communications
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