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Hello everyone, I want to send a text message from one USRP 2901 and read it from another USRP 2901 which is connected to an another computer, my question is which blocks should I use to convert the text which I wrote on the front panel, into a data which USRP 2901 block accepts.



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Hi Zeki,


When you say you want to send a text message, are you meaning a generic “send text from one USRP to another” application, or do you mean a Text Message that adheres to cell phone text message standards? The former is much straightforward than the latter. For the former, you’re essentially just doing some packet-based modulated communication. There’s a great Webcast here that walks through the principles: There’s also an example here that will take text, convert it into modulated packets, and then send it to another USRP to be demodulated and received:


If you’re looking for help specifically conforming to cellular protocols to send a text message that could be received by a regular cell phone, then there’s a large amount of work that goes on top of these examples. We don’t have any software that works at that level out of the box: while we do have some software toolkits that target cellular standards, like LTE, CDMA2k, WCDMA, they’re all designed at phy layer tests and measurements, not actually building functional communication systems.



NI Applications Engr.

Cason Longley
Staff Technical Support Engineer - FlexRIO, High Speed Serial and VRTS
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Hello Cason,

that was a very valuable answer for me, thank you very much,




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