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USRP 2901 has two local oscillators


I'm working with usrp 2901.
In the specification and block diagram I found this:
"The USRP-2901 has two local oscillators, one for the transmit (Tx) channels
and one for the receive (Rx) channels. While different frequencies can be used for
the Tx and Rx channels, the two Tx channels are locked to the same frequency, and
the two Rx channels are locked to the same frequency. "
My experiment consists in studying the reflected signal and also studying

reflected + generated sigal at one USRP.
Therefore, I have a questions.
Can I put the work of RX2 and TX1 in one chanell from one oscillator?
I found some examples with Reference Frequence sourse(internal) and Timebasse clock(internal) also with Start Trigget and Set Time

 This enough to synchronize the transmitter and the receiver?



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Hey there!


You won't be able to keep the TX and RX on the same oscillator because that's a hardware configuration that cannot be changed in software. Additionally, if you are just wanting to synchronize the two, there are plenty of community examples and the USRP driver also comes with numerous synchronization examples as well (mostly in LabVIEW).

Aulia V.
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