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Tx streaming from TDMS file stored in Harddisk

I have simulated spread-spectrum waveform in MATLAB and saved it as .MAT file. 


How can I convert this .MAT file to TDMS?

How can I read the TDMS file using NI USRP 2952R to transmit my waveform continuously.

Is there any related example? Please share.




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Hello Anowar,


We do have some information available on how to convert a .MAT file to a .TDMS file. Please see this link, where a few of other users have tackled this question.


To summarize, there is no easy way to convert the two as the binaries are very different. There are ways to read the file format, but it depends on the specific version of .MAT file you have. 


Do you specifically need the data in a TDMS file format, or can you read the .MAT format and then use the data in LabVIEW? 



Stephen Chan 

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