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Problems on transmitting/ receiving signals between 2 USRP 2953R devices

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to implement a simple project in Labview communications system design suite to transmit OFDM signal from  USRP 2953R device to other one using antennas. But I have some troubles with trigger and synchronization at Rx to capture signal frame correctly. I use the project templates PC USRP RIO 120MHz BW single-Device streamming as an sample to develop.  I just implement on the host (generating, recovering signal, synchronization...etc in host) to get the result quickly without recompile FPGA bitfiles. The template project, however, doesn't support transmit signal through wireless channel.

So, are there any ideas or examples that I can examine to support to my project?

Thank you very much!


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HI quypit,


The project templates can stream over-the-air. You'll just need to add an antenna and configure the gain. Also, are you aware of the OFDM example? If you go to "Learn" (rather than "Projects") and then "Getting Started" and "Overview of the FPGA Design Flows" these examples will walk you through building an OFDM transmitter. 

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Hi muffin, thank you for your reply. The template project certainly can stream over-the-air, but I cannot recover the signal. For example, the first device transmit a number of OFDM frame signal, then the second device need to detech the start frame point in order to recover the signal correctly (remove CP, FFT and equalize...etc). In addition, how to trigger the RX device to start receiver the signal properly so that we don't loss any data?

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