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NI-USRP2901 driver issues with UHD on Windows OS x64 v.19041.329




I have been looking to use the UHD libraries from ettus to develop to the C-api. Until today I have been able to run the example programs included in the UHD library through a installation of the drivers for the similar device of Ettus B200. But now since I got the new update my computer recognises the device as a USRP2901 and I can no longer connect to the device. I tried installing the drivers again for the B200 but that doesn't seem to solve the problem.


I attached two pictures. One is the new name of the device in the device manager. The other one is the installation of a new device at the same time as the new update where installed.


Is there a solution for this problem or is there another way of controlling the USRP by calling an C-api?


Thanks in advance!

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As I understand from your comment you are using B210 ( you can check it here


Please install this in your Windows Host machine and try again.


Best Regards,


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