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NI USRP 2921 with Ettus GPSDO Kit

I have connected the "Ettus GPSDO Kit for USRP N200" * with a NI USRP 2921. I have the 1.2 NI USRP driver installed.


In LabVIEW, the "Has GPS disciplines clock?" property is returning false. Are these two devices compatible? And if yes, can LabVIEW's USRP driver gps functions work with this combination?



Many thanks


* FireFly-1A Jackson Labs Tech

PNL 100100-6V FW:0.922 BOM:1.7

SN: 0320112739

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Hey hkhalili,


When using the Jackson Labs GPSDO in an N series device, you need to update a key in the EEPROM using the usrp_burn_mb_eeprom util for the driver to be able to communicate with it.  This util ships with the driver and can be found by going to Start » All Programs » National Instruments » NI-USRP » utilities


Full instructions can be found here:

Sarah Y

SDR Product Manager
National Instruments | Ettus Research
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I now get this error: niUSRP Wait For<ERR>A runtime or configuration error occurred.
Code: 2410
Details: LookupError: Path not found in tree: /mboards/0/sensors/gps_locked


Is there a way to get around this?

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Hi hkhalili, 


I hear this is still presenting a problem for you, if possible it would be useful if we could see what you are doing to get this error. 


If you could upload your code, myself and other members of the community might be able to diagnose the problem. 


Kind regards,

Matt H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK
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Hi Matt,


Thank you for the initiative.


Please note that I have fitted the GPSDO to a USRP2921.


Many thanks,


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Hey Hassan,


The code that you are using should not cause any issues once the GPSDO is installed properly and the EEPROM has been updated.  Can you please run uhd_usrp_probe.exe from the command prompt and post the output?  The utility is in the same folder I mentioned in my above post.  Please also refer to this installation guide to make sure that you have correctly installed the cables for your device:


Finally, please confirm that you have manually updated the motherboard EEPROM and power cycled your device.  You can update the EEPROM by running the following (in the app note I linked in my last post):


usrp_burn_mb_eeprom --key=gpsdo --val=internal

Sarah Y

SDR Product Manager
National Instruments | Ettus Research
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As suggested above:  I recommend 1. verifying the jumper has been moved inside the box, 2.ensuring the eeprom setting has been updated, and then 3. selecting 'external' as your clock course and frequency reference in the VI.

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Hello again,


I have checked all the above.


Here's the output of the utility app.


I don't see "external" but I've set the references to Ref in and GPS, and I see the error  within 4-5s.


I'm not sure if I have a strong GPS signal. Could that cause the error?




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