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Interruption during USRP firmware installation

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Hi eyeopener,

I face a problem today while I was updating the firmware and FPGA image of USRPs, I mistakenly run the labview program  and unfortunately the it stopped installation. Then I again tried to install image , but it gives me the message that "reinitialization required".


I tried it with another computer but it gets worse and now I cannot even see it in configuration utility. Also, only "F" lamp is on and all the others are off. 


Can anyone help me with this?


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Accepted by topic author HediAja

Hey HediAja,


As I explained you, I will post the solution here again, so that other users can refer to it if they face the same problem.


Please perform a hard reset of the USRP. First, Yo will have to reset the IP address to default. Please find below two links to the tutorials explaining how to proceed in this case.

How Can I Reset the IP Address of the NI USRP-29xx to Default?:
How to Perform a Hard Reset on a USRP 29xx?:

Once you performed the hard reset, you will be able to update the firmware and the FPGA images as explained in


Best regards


Ezer Bennour

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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about NI-USRP 16.1: the web is blocked for my country, i need that anyone send to my mail this driver. thanks to all

sorry, my english is bad becouse i only speak spanish, edy

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