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How to set the trasmit power of USRP?

Hello everyone,


     Recently I was doing some experiments with USRP N210 and Labview. My question is how to set the transmit power of the USRP in labview? My daughterboard is SBX and the maximun transmission power is 100mw, how should I adjust the "Gain" parameter to transmit the signal with the maximun power?


    Thanks in advance!

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Hey 0711,


The gain setting is how you adjust the power output of the SBX just as you would using UHD.  Since these are uncalibrated devices, a particular gain value doesn't correspond to a particular power level.  The gain can be set between 0 and 32 in 0.5 dB increments.  If you want to output a signal close to the maximum power output of the board, use a high gain setting such as 32.

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Thank you very much, Sarah_Y. I will try it

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I am using USRP B210...In the specification sheet it is written tha output power is >10dBm and receive noise figure of < to calculate the output power transmitted?

thnx in advance

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Hey ali799,


As I mentioned in my post above, these are uncalibrated devices, so there is not a way to tell the driver to output a specific power, it can only be set using the gain setting.  The information in the specification sheet was obtained by using a combination of calibrated instruments.  If you need to know the power your B210 is outputting, I would recommend using a power meter or spectrum analyzer to measure the power being output by your device.  I attached some data that I took with a B200 that includes the measured output power in dBm for the different frequencies and gain settings.  These numbers are meant to be a general reference of what your B210 will output.  You should except similar output power levels, but the devices are not guaranteed to be identical.

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Does the NI driver now work with the B200/B210?  I'd been asking for awhile.  Or is this a, "technically yes, but we haven't verified everything so use at your risk."






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Hey cochenob,


Unfortunately, the B200/B210 are still not supported in NI-USRP at this time.

Sarah Yost
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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That's what I thought.  Saw B210 above and got excited for a moment.  Looks like the user above might have more problems than calculating output power then!






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Dear All,


Im working on usrp N210 and the maximum transmition power is 100 mw (SBX daguhter board ) , Im working on RFID commercial reader which needs 30dBm. This mean that usrp cant supply this for me, The main question is how i can increase the transmission power like 250mw or 300 mw... etc



Many Thanks  

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Use an external amplifier.  MiniCircuits is a good place to start.


Depending on your band of may need something more exotic at those output powers/gain.



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