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Firmware and UHD driver for USRP 2901 to make it work in openBTS


Hi everyone,

I want to use USRP 2901 with openBTS. I have found out that openBTS relies on UHD drivers to communicate with USRP 2901. I have installed UHD drivers latest version from this link using the latest binary installer uhd_3.10.1.1-release_x64_VS2015.exe for windows 10 64bit and followed subsequent step by step instructions. However, when I plug in the device using USB, I see it pops up in device manager as "westbridge" , the usb vid is 3923 and PID is 7814. Please help me what I have to do. I saw someone in the forum was able to make it work with GNU radio updating UHD version. Even though I have used the same version of UHD, it still can't recognize the device.

Please help.


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Hello elahi1509,


National Instruments provides support for the USRP when used with LabVIEW with the niUSRP driver, or with LabVIEW Communications. Someone on these forums may have additional experience, but in general, questions regarding the USRP with UHD, GNU Radio open-source tools can be directed to Ettus support, here:


Ettus has a pretty solid KnowledgeBase which may be able to point you in the right direction, and a support team which can field your question via email. Let us know what you find!




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Hi Daniel, 

Thank you so much for your helpful response. 

I will check it out with ettus research. 

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