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Fail to Connect USRP 2920 to My PC

Hello all,


Maybe this is a basic question but I've been searching for the solution for a long time. Thanks in advance for helping me. Here is my situation:

I'm using one laptop connection method to connect two USRP 2920 with MIMO cable. When I plug ethernet cable into my laptop, no LED light of the ethernet port on USRP is on.


Methods I tried:

  • removed and connected the ethernet cable again for several times -- didn't work
  • removed and connected the power supply cables for several times -- didn't work
  • used command "uhd_find_devices" in Terminal to check the hardware connection, turned out "No UHD Devices Found"
  • tried command "ifconfig" in Terminal but it didn't show the ethernet connection
  • tried couple of ethernet configuration commands in Terminal -- didn't work


Previous work I did:

  • Successfully burned firmware and FPGA images into both USRPs
  • Connect to another laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 OS, it can successfully recognized; however, I have to use my laptop to finish the project.


My question is: is it an USRP problem or my OS ethernet setting up problem? if it is my OS problem, how to solve it?


My system info:

  • Using latest GNU Radio
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit
  • Two USRP 2920s connected by MIMO cable




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Hi bsun003,


LabVIEW is the only language supported by NI for the 2920, so there aren't very many people on these forums familiar with GNU Radio. I reccomend contacting Ettus support. They can point you to resources that will help with open source tools. 

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Thanks for the advice. I'll contact them.


Best regards,



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