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[FREQUENCY] Require API to reduce the frequency re-tune time

Hello All,
Mother Board Used: B210.
UHD Version: 3.9.4
master clock rate: 30.72 MHz
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Kernel: 3.13.0-24-generic
Currently my application runs continuous tx and rx on two different frequencies, with B210 in full-duplex configuration.
Now I need to re-tune Tx stream to different frequency to transmit few packets of data, then re-tune back to the old centre frequency.
Currently using srp->set_tx_freq(tune_req, 0); API in my .cpp file to tune the Tx frequency.
As per my application need, expected tune time is less than ~200 micro sec, but set_tx_freq() call taking ~3 ms for each tune request.
Is there any way to reduce the frequency re-tune time.?
Is there any alternate API available which can fit for my need?
What is the minimum re-tune time for B210 if the requested frequency and current centre frequency is within 100 MHz.
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