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Connecting NI 2942R USRP via Ethernet with the desctop PC



I only have a very easy question to you but I´m not sure if I´m thinking right. 


I´m working with the NI USRP 2942R. I always worked with the MXI Express Interface but now I also want to connect the USRP via Ethernet.


The USRP hast the following connection:

1G/10G ETH

(Two SFP+ input terminals used for 1G ETH or 10G ETH connectivity with the host driver. Not currently supported in LabVIEW FPGA.)


Now I want to connect it to my PC. How can I do that. Do I need a adapter from 1G/10G ETH to a normal network cable or how could that be done?


As a starting point many examples run via ethernet and I want to do them. Like the Find Radio Station example.


Thanks for your answers.



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Hi Markus,


You can either use a SFP+ to Ethernet adapter like this one, or you can you a 10 GbE connection direct to your computer with a network card like this one

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