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Can 4Rx simultaneously function in X310

Hi, in the exhibition of MILCOM 2016, I stopped by the booth of NI. They demo a DOA estimation with 4 antenna using X310. But checking the data sheet of X310, I found that X310 only has two RF chains, so how the DOA demo use 4 antenna based on one X310? Thanks,
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The X310 is a motherboard, which has two slots for daughterboards. The demo uses two TwinRX daughterboards, which each have two RX channels. 

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Gotcha. Thank you for your information. BTW, what are the development tools for the X310 and Two TwinRx? Labview only or also good for GNURadio?



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No problem! There are several development toolflows for the X310 plus TwinRX. You can use GNURadio and The Mathworks MATLAB & Simulink to program the device now.  NI-branded HW (the USRP 2945 and 2955) will arive in mid-January and support LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA. The NI-branded HW will also have CE/UL certification and NI support. 

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Hello, USRP X310 changes 2 RX channels into 4 input RX channels. What changes need to be made to the underlying VERILOG program?

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Hi naniandechunyang,

Could you be a little more specific regarding what Verilog program you are referring to?



Luke B.
National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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