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Beamforming MIMO

Is there any module to use as reference for downlink beamforming/precoding vector design?

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Hi Wired_,


Can you explain what you mean by "module to use as a reference"?


NI has a MU-MIMO system that can be used for prototyping which includes a reference design that does downlink precoding. Check this out:


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By module I mean reference design. I am mainly worreid about the channel measurement method at MIMO TX during uplink and subsequently precoding design method. Out of many which methods can be/is being used to suite practical efficacy.


Is the channel estimation before precoding based on pilot sequences and correlation with known sequences and then dividing by sequence to get precoding vector?


Any reference material considering practical design?



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Good questions. The MIMO Applicaiton Framework is capable of using MMSE, ZF, and MRC precoding methods. Check out the attached flyer for more information. So, yes, ultimately, the precoding is based on a pilot signal from the UEs. 


Please feel free to PM me your contact information. I'd love to set up a call to give you some more detailed information about our system and to learn more about your needs. 

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Hi! We can discuss over or +65-90190643



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Got contacted from your support team in India. I in Singapore and am already buying MASSIVE MIMO application. But since it's expected to come in a month or two I started to build blocks myself.

Thats why was inquiring for some leads.

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