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Follow-up on UKTAG #6 presentation on LV Solution Builder

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation on LV Solution Builder, I really appreciated your questions and participation.


I wanted to do a follow-up on a particular question: Does this work if you use a library within the same project but on different types of targets e.g. a Windows PC and a Linux-based RT system?


At the time of the presentation, Solution Builder only supported building for the My Computer target. Today, the tool can now build specifications across multiple targets in the same project. It will also correlate builds across different projects and different targets, as shown in the screenshot below.


There are some limitations of LabVIEW that I ran into described in the PR ( if you wish to learn more. One comment made was "LabVIEW can't currently handle multiple PPLs with the same name but different targets, not even if loaded in different projects!", and although that's true, the tool doesn't run into this limitation (from my experiments) because of the way it loads projects and replaces dependencies.


I'm happy to answer any further questions.





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