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UI Design: Ideas, Concepts, Suggestions



This presentation is showing some ideas, concepts and suggestions on how to create a user friendly LabVIEW user interface. This sample code is not an official reference design and not supported.


The following user interface topics are covered in the presentation:

  • Organizing your screen
  • Window Size and Scaling Front Panels
  • Splitter Bars
  • Subpanels
  • Splash Screen
  • Customize Controls
  • Tab Controls
  • Tables
  • Graph with Mouse Wheel Zoom
  • Scalable Graph
  • Tree Controls
  • XControls
  • Dialogs
  • Run-Time Menus
  • Drag and Drop
  • Tip Strips
  • Decorations
  • Cursor
  • Status update




Attached you can find the presentation and an example. All topics in the presentation are shown in the executable GUI Demo example.


GUI Demo.png



GUI Demo_Explore.png


GUI Demo_Present.png


You can log data, move the splitter, resize the window and check out the run-time menu.


Hardware and Software Requirements


  • Software: LabVIEW 2017 or higher, NI-DAQmx Device Driver 17.0 or higher
  • Hardware: NI DAQ Device or Simulated NI DAQ Device

Steps to Implement or Execute Code


Unzip the example and run the Main.vi. You can Acquire, Explore and Present data. Before you record the data you should configure the demo (Options >> Settings).

Some documentation can be found here: Help >> GUI Demo Help >> GUI Demo.pdf

Additional Information


This presentation and example is provided as an example to the LabVIEW user community under the Sample Code License (ni.com/samplecodelicense). It is not a National Instruments product and not supported through the regular support channels.


Really great stuff! Saves me many many hours!

Active Participant
Active Participant
Overall a great summary of what can be done with LV regarding UIs. There are still some items that periodically change over time to account for UI/UX design trend changes. One way to be kept updated is the Google Material Design - https://material.io/design/ Concerning specific LabVIEW mistakes, I'd strongly discourage people to use the controls palettes as they are, except for the System palette that is pretty sober. Other palettes HAVE TO be customized to get a fresh look. We're in the era of flat-y design and no LabVIEW palette can really satisfy this kind of design without putting some effort. Also, increase the size of the text in most controls, above 18pt. It increases readability a lot compared to the original 14-15pt font size. Finally, simple animations can greatly help (show/hide panels with a moving splitter for example) keeping the users happy 🙂

Eric M. - Senior Software Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Architect - Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer - Certified LabWindows™/CVI Developer
Neosoft Technologies inc.