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Library for simple usage of Toolbar menus

JKI made a good blog post http://blog.jki.net/labview/creating-a-hamburger-menu-in-labview/


I modified the code to separate the GUI in a simple vi and the Code in a ToolbarMenu library, which can used with different menus.

And I copied the Hamburger Button & Menu Elements to demonstrate the function.


What is needed?


A vi as menu. This must contain one cluster with the menu controls (i.e. buttons).

This vi must executed by ToolbarMenu.vi. Insert a never ending Event loop, only with Event cases for vi & App close? So it can also closed with Alt+F4. 

It will closed by ToolbarMenu.vi with the Abort vi method.




In the Event Case of the Menu Button call ToolbarMenu.vi.

It need references to the menu Button and the Menu vi.

The other parameter are optional:

Exit on VI Deactivation (T):  If True (default)  the  VI Deactivation event will exit the menu with empty result.

Position:  Set the Position of the Menu relativ to the Menu button at top or bottom of the button and show to right or left side.

ExitControls (Empty for all): The names of the controls in menu VI's cluster to exit the menu. Leave it empty to exit at every control.

DimRegion (VI):  A dimmer vi is used to prevent click events at the underlying front panel. Set size to: VI (of menu control), Screen (all monitors) or only to the menu control.

Dim Transparency (90): Set the dim transparency of the black dimmer vi:  99: full transparent, 0: full black


The result is a cluster ExitControl with:

Name: of the changed control in the cluster

Value: the value of the control





Screenshots from Example.vi:




I attached the Labview 2013 ToolbarMenu project. Labview 2013 is the first version with the used Application event VI Deactivation.


It used some vi's from OpenG Application Control Library.


Update Jun 2017:
Include alternate version of TBM.GetCallerCoordinates.vi that does work in subpanels from drjdpowell.
Exit also with Escape Key
Active Participant drjdpowell Active Participant
Active Participant

Nice.  But currently doesn't placed the toolbar correctly if the calling VI is in a subpanel.  

I have an alternate version of TBM.GetCallerCoordinates.vi that does work in subpanels, which I could send you if you like (can't seem to post it here).

Active Participant A.Salcedo
Active Participant

Hello. First of all thanks a lot for posting.

What kind of license has this library?

Thanks again.

Member Peter_S

The idea is from JKI and I agree with the statement: you can download and try out the attached Hamburger Menu VI, that we've created for you.