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a modern style touch UI.I find the 2 different copy of code in a JKI blog and UI Interest Group.Here is their URL link,check it out.



They both acheive same functions,except one use JKI machine and the other not.I decided to combine them together.By trying it,I got familiar with JKI state machine,so it's a really good shot.Here is my source code and how it looks like in run time.I degrade it to labview2013 version.So,hope u enjoy the code,and just give it a shot.U'll find JKI machine is really useful.

Active Participant PaulG.
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ZIP file please.


LabVIEW versions 5.0 - 2018

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Member yukeyang

sorry,i dont know what exact zip file u mean.If u mean my version,I've uploaded it.If u mean the file on the blog,u can find it in the author's comment.

Member JKS_Serenergy

could it be that the file in this post is using RAR compression instead of ZIP?

Member Vince84

7zip is a free open source program that will let you open .rar files.

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