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Creating Quality UIs with NI LabVIEW Presentation

The slides and notes from the Creating Quality UIs with NI LabVIEW Developer Days presentation. 

Videos of the demos and the actual files will be posted separately (here).

Member Aum

In the campus weather monitor vi from your "Creating User Interfaces.zip": How to have that non-scrolling background image (a road with trees in your example).

NI Employee

Set it as your panel background.  To do so, right click on the front panel scrollbar and select "Properties".

Here's a video of me doing it:

Member wirebirdlabs

High qual presentation! After giving 5* to a similar presentation I stumbled upon a few days ago, it seems appropriate to do likewise here.

Member JimMacD

Where can the Demo Code be downloaded for this ppt?


LV 6.1 to 2015 SP1