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Calendar QControl

Here is another QControl that I had programmed earlier as an XControl.  I decided I wanted to try reprogramming it as a QControl.  I call it the Calendar QControl. Again you will need the QControl Toolkit to use this QControl.  It can be found here.


View of the Calendar Facade.

The Calendar QControl is a cluster with multiple controls inside of it.  The Calendar Facade Control should be used on the Front Panel of the VI that uses this QControl.

The references of the elements of the cluster are handled by editing the Load Reference Method.  The Event Handler Method uses the references to control all of the behavior.

When in use in the main application, the Calendar: Value Change Event (on all elements of the cluster) will fire whenever the date has changed.  See the Test Calendar.vi that is part of the class for an example.

Test Calendar VI.jpg

Front Panel of the Test Calendar VI.

All of the colors, the first day of the week, and the visibility of the Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Today Button, and Month-Year Selectors are changable through Properties (using property nodes on the QControl Class wire).


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