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AnimationRing QControl

In order to post pictures as Thoric requested I had to redo this document.  Seems after you post it won't let you add pictures.

Again, this is the AnimationRing QControl.  The QControl Toolkit is required to use this and can be found here.

The AnimationRing QControl is based on a picture ring control.  The elements in the picture ring represent frames of the animation.  The frame rate is settable via property node.  The animation only occurs when the ring is visible.  Setting the ring control to not visible effectively pauses the animation.

More information about QControls can be found in the discussion thread found here.


This is a screenshot of the example VI showing one of the ring controls.


Here is another one given with the QControl.


And this is "The One Ring" control.

Any ring control can be swapped out and used.

Here is a snippet of the example VI given in the zip file.

Example VI Snippet.png


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