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Meet Sketchy - a new UI Controls Kit with hand-drawn controls!

Hello all,
I'm happy to introduce our new Sketchy UI Controls Kit made to add some fun to LabVIEW designed UIs. 

Sketchy UI Controls Kit by RAFA SolutionsSketchy UI Controls Kit by RAFA SolutionsThis doodle-like set of controls is hand-drawn to enhance the visual appeal of your applications. 

The library includes customization of all control types: numeric, string, array, cluster, listbox, graph, chart, ring, switches, rocker, general buttons, icon-based buttons, etc.

Use Sketchy toolkit to make your application look fun, unique, modern and at the same time professional.

Feel free to download it and try. The toolkit evaluation period is 30 days.

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I just saw that it is already available on LVTN, here is the link:


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