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After customizing lag problem



After applying customization, the program slows too much. Do you know why? I've checked my png pictures what I used. Max 18 kb.


Thanks your helping and advice

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would you happen to have a bit in-depth information, like:

  • What kind of customization did you perform?
  • What else happens in your application?
  • Can you post the code or a relevant test example showing the problem?

Thanks in advance.#


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What kind of control were you customizing (also, what palette were you using)? It would be easier to find out the reason if we could see a screenshot. 

Thanks in advance,

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I've customized everything. Graph, button, tab, numeric control. I made changes on a working vi. Although this Vi works fluently, it doesn't work fluently anymore. 

I can't post the code. At first vi is working fluently. As time goes by slowing down.

Could it be related to being a 32 bit? DSC module was used. Labview have to be 32 bit for DSC module.

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Do you have any decorations in the vi? Sometimes they are affecting the vi's speed.  

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I don't have any decorations 

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I had similar problem.

I customized a button to be translucent.

Worked fine on Windows 7 LabVIEW 2017.

But caused a big delay on Windows 10.


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