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When I search tweets or hash tags, I get limited results.

Hi everyone!


First off, thanks a ton for this awesome package. It made the impossible possible for me.

I do have one question, when I use the search functions, I can never seem to get more than 200 results. Is this user error or is this an actual limitation? If it's the former, what could I be doing wrong?

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Re: When I search tweets or hash tags, I get limited results.

Hi Aerolab_David,


I'm glad the toolkit was useful for you! If you end up making a cool application with the Twitter Toolkit we would love for you to share it in the LabVIEW Web Development user group.


The Twitter APIs have two rate limits you are up against; you have to balance the frequency at which you call the Twitter API functions and the number of results you get per request. The GET search/tweets endpoint is currently limited to 180 requests / 15 minute window and a count of 100 tweets a page per request.


When I opened the Search New Tweets - example and ran it with a count of 200 tweets I only got an output count of 100, so I would be surprised if you are seeing 200 results in a single run.


In order to see more tweets for a search you have to utilize pagination. An example of this is shown with the Search Old Tweets - example. I gave a popular search term and let that run for a while and got about 600 results before I stopped the VI.


Are you able to search backwards and get more results with the Search Old Tweets - example?

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