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roboRIO 2.0 constant flashing status light "unrecoverable error"

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I am with Team 3676 in Arlington, Texas.
We have a RoboRio 2 that is flashing the status light "unrecoverable error"
M/N = roboRIO 2.0
P/N = 133340B - 01L
S/N = 3249457
Acquired from AndyMark September 2022. Order # EJDZDSK
please advise,
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Accepted by oscarfonseca

Investigating the forum here, I found notes how to flash the SD card.  I instructed my students to do that and they now report the roboRIO is working again.


They are uneasy and nervous about this happening again, but for now it seems the issue is resolved.


Sorry to bother you guys.

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Apologies for the delay answering, paullaux. I am glad the students were able to get it working again.


For anyone else that bumps into this forum post, check the recommendations in this support article: FRC roboRIO STATUS LED Constantly Flashing 



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