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Roborio2.0 power LED is red


In our competition over the weekend, we experienced brownouts and loss in communication during a match and the robot became unresponsive. We noticed that the power LED was solid red. There were no metal shavings in it as we had plugged the unused ports on the rio. Nonetheless we blew compressed air through it but that did not help. We'd like to RMA.

Luckily we carried a spare rio and we continued to perform at the comp, but we need one now for the upcoming competition.

Please advice.

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Hi Frogy23, thanks for posting on the forums. I'm Matthew with NI.


Fortunately, the red power LED indicates that the device has gone into protection mode, but it is likely still fine.

Can you open the device using the four screws on the back and the two screws at the power port and clean the unit off using compressed air (maybe also use a flashlight to inspect the board closely for any remaining metal shards and remove them as well.) ?

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We did the same yesterday and it didnt seem to help. We did not see any metal shards/shavings.

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I sent an email to the address listed on your profile with next steps.

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