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Roborio Unrecoverable Error

When I attempted to flash the roboRIO to the new image for the 2021 FRC Season, I kept on getting error messages and now my roboRIO has entered into "Unrecoverable Error" status. I have followed the steps to get it into "safe mode" but I still can't get it out of unrecoverable status. Any tips?

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Which firmware are you trying to upgrade to?

This sounds similar to Possible Corrupt Firmware 


Try double checking that your computer name has only letters and numbers in it, and using firmware version 5.0.0 (if that's not what you were trying).

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It also will help to know which image you were trying to install.  You'll want to be installing 3.0 currently.  If you're seeing 3.1, you'll want to go back to the download page and install the update (yes, I know it's strange the update has an older version number.  But, I promise it helps).

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Hi catlover04,


Have you successfully flash the RoboRIO after doing the checking the firmware version and installing the image? 


If it is still unsuccessful, perhaps you can try to flash the RoboRIO on another laptop. Looking forward to your updates!


Harvy Sim

Hardware Div. Software

Product R&D


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