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We have been waiting on a RMA for almost a year now.  Our original support ticket goes back to March 10, 2020.  We were told that AndyMark would be contacting us to handle the replacement.  We still have not been contacted and still haven't received an RMA.  What is the process for getting this taken care of?

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Hey Robo_MD,


Sorry to hear your situation. Could you post any reference to the original support ticket (I'm guessing it was with NI) and I can try to look that up to see if I can pick up where that ticket left off. Otherwise could you repost any information that was relevant to your ticket that can get us up to speed on what happened there.


From this post it looks like AndyMark would be handling the shipping so we'd probably have to reach out to them if NI diagnosed the issue in the previous ticket. By any chance have you reach out to AndyMark? If not we may want to consider doing that since that would be the next step assuming that's where you left off in the original support ticket.

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National Instruments
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Support ticket number sent via private message.

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Thanks for the message.


I looked at the notes and it looks like we've tried to recover the roboRIO with the recovery file and that didn't work prompting the RMA process.


Looking at the RMA process I was wrong earlier in suggesting to contact AndyMark as they wouldn't be able to help address your issue so for anyone referencing this form please disregard that suggestion from me.


As for next steps I think it would be to RMA and that process is described in this link. I know it seems like it potentially restarting something you tried back in March, but I think that is our best step for resolution.


I trust that process so hopefully that should resolve your issue but feel free to post back on this thread with updates. Thanks for your patience and sharing the information to help us figure out best next steps.

Application Engineer, RF and Communications
National Instruments
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