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2021 RMA Process

Hey FRC teams! 


If you've run into what seems like a terminal problem for your roboRIO, we can investigate if an RMA is the appropriate way forward. Please follow these steps: 


  1. You must make a post in the Hardware section of these forums and troubleshoot with an NI engineer to see if you can resolve the issue! Most RMAs can be sorted out at home and it saves you the waiting for a replacement to ship! 
  2. Fill out this form completely: RMA Form 
  3. Wait to be contacted with further information (within a business day, typically) 


At this point in time, NI is still providing RMAs free of charge. We continue to appreciate our partnership with AndyMark who kindly handles shipping roboRIOs. Please don't reach out to AndyMark regarding RMAs--NI will provide updates to you! We also appreciate your patience here as we navigate doing this in a COVID-safe way!





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