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dear frd,

i have the task for to coontrol the many boolean control at one time .if i press only one boolean button at one it give a some data show option ...anyone plzzz hlep me


Artificial intelligence technology has advanced leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time.What once seemed like science fiction is quickly becoming a reality. The sudden advancement in the technology has reawakened some fears about what artificial intelligence could mean for the future of humankind. Those speaking up about the dangers of artificial intelligence aren’t just conspiracy theory whack­jobs either. Recently, Stephen Hawking, arguably one of the most brilliant minds of the last century and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, have both voiced concerns about the future of

artificial intelligence.

Should we fear artificial intelligence?

According to Hawking, real artificial intelligence could bring about the end of the human race faster than global warming or any other threat to mankind. Hawking theorizes that AI could redesign itself at an exponential rate far beyond what humans have the ability to keep up with. Because computers aren’t limited in the same ways that humans are, they could very quickly surpass humanity.Elon Musk agrees with Hawking but it quick to point out that true artificial intelligence is still quite a ways away. While there have been many impressive advancements in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years, we are nowhere near being able to create artificial intelligence capable of becoming more intelligent than humans.

Google’s conversational modeling AI

A major obstacle that needs to be overcome to create true artificial intelligence is conversational modeling. While computers have long been able to perform complex calculations far faster than any human, they struggle to perform tasks humans handle with ease such as forming and comprehending spoken language. Most artificial intelligence systems out there can only handle this task as it applies to limited subjects.Google has been working on an AI system that could change all of that. The difference between Google’s AI and other artificial intelligence systems is that Google has not only added in domain specific data sets but general domain data sets as well. The idea behind this is that Google’s AI can understand a variety of questions on various subjects and give proper responses. In a recent test of the AI’s abilities, she (the artificial intelligence referred to itself as a “she”) was able to carry on a basic conversation including greetings and various pleasantries. She was also able to answer simple questions, including questions about general information such as whether cats have tails or wings.Finally, the AI even handled some questions relating to philosophy such as “What is the purpose of life?” In summary, perhaps Hawking said it best, while artificial intelligence may be able to pose a threat to humankind within the next 100 years, current AI systems are proving to be very useful tools for humans. To benefit from it without being threatened by it, there will need to be regulations in place so that humans can’t bring about their own destruction.

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We are a Hyderabad  based CMMI Level 3 Electronic Product Development Company and specialized in Railway, Automotive and Industrial  applications

Position: Engineer - Automation

Duties and Responsibilities: Ideal candidate shall be responsible for Test Jig Hardware Design, Test Jig Software Design and Coding and Integration Testing(Hardware/Software)

Experience: 1-3 years experience in lab view software development for test bench, experience in process automation industry is preferable.

Qualification: BTech (Instrumentation/E&IE/ECE)

Knowledge Required:  NI Lab View, Understanding of Schematics, Understanding Electronics and Hardware

Industry:              Semiconductors / Electronics

Functional Area:       IT Software - Embedded, EDA, VLSI, ASIC, Chip Design

A brief  Introduction of Medha is given below:

We are  CMMI Level 3 Company,  design, develop and produce a diverse range of Top-of-the-line embedded products, we have proved time and again that we outshine the best in developing world class embedded products and manufacturing world-class Locomotive Control Equipments. We have state-of-art design & development facilities, which adhere to the highest standards, and have been awarded CMMI Level 3 and  ISO 9001 and Q 90001 by the American Quality Assessors.

Our Range of Products

. Micro controller based paperless Speed Time Distance    Recorders.

. Electronic Governor.

. Micro Processor based Control & Fault Diagnostic System.

. 25 KVA Static Inverters.

. Micro Processor based Excitation & Propulsion Control System.

. 180 KVA Static Converters.

. SMPS based IPS.

. Computerized solid state interlocking and More

For more information you can visit us at our website

If are interested please let us know. Call me, Raju - Asst Manager - HR on 9966344494 Contact me at   or Mail us your latest resume.

Located at:

Design Centre:

Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd.,

2-3-2/A, Behind Govt. MINT Compound,

Cherlapally, Hyderabad.Ph: (040)-27264144

Head Office:

Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd., P-4/5B, IDA, Nacharam,

Hyderabad-76. Contact No. 27173990.


Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd., Jodimetla Cross Roads,Ghatkeasar Road,

R.R. Dist, Telangana. Contact No. 08415 - 228045/47/48.


Hello Everyone,

How to Read a TCP/IP devices on multiple PCs Using Labview with out Shared Variable Using Same VIs Or EXE.