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I'm looking for somebody who would like to help me start programing in Labview.

I don't any experience , but I would like start learn programing in Labview.

If somebody will be able to help me, I'm waiting for message.

Best regards

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I'm excited you're looking into LabVIEW.  I started using LabVIEW 12 years ago and have developed a real love for it.

There are many resources to help you on your way.

First, I'd check out the free training that NI provides:

Second, I would definitely come to the LabVIEW user group meetings, which it looks like you are familiar with.  There's one at Thanksgiving Point (Utah Valley LabVIEW LabVIEW User Group, that alternates every other month with the Top of Utah group.

Third, you can contact the local NI sales team, Bryan Heslop ( and Aaron Campbell (

Fourth, if you have the resources, my company, Endigit, provides LabVIEW consultation at an hourly rate.

Are you learning LabVIEW on your own or is this something your work is encouraging you to do?  If work related, where do you work?

Good luck in your LabVIEW quest!

Robert Mortensen, CLA, Systems Architect, Endigit

Robert Mortensen
CLA, CLED, LabVIEW Champion, World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer
Principal Systems Engineer, Endigit
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Thanks for advdise.

How is the cost, if I will want consultation in your company.

I need Labwiev private, I'm designer mechanic CAD and I want know , how I can do application for my machines.

Best Regards

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The cost for doing work for outside entities at Idaho National Laboratories

is quite expensive. I don't know precisely how much.

I would suggest you look at the company web page at, and locate

the number for the technology transfer department and inquire with them.

Depending on your schedule, and complexity of applications, we may be able

to provide suitable LabVIEW development experts to address your application

development needs.

I will tell you I am sure there are others within LabVIEW community that

can offer equivalent services at a lower cost and probably much sooner than

we would be able to provide.

Jim Kring (JKI) is one possible source, and I know there are others. I

think there is a listing somewhere in the LabVIEW community forum at NI

that list organizations that use NI certified LabVIEW developers.

Best of luck,

Randy Lloyd

INL Materials Dept.

208-526-0808 (office)

208-526-1509 (lab)

208-351-1097 (cell)

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