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Introduction to Measurement and Instrumentation class at Weber

Hello. I'm a new faculty member at Weber State in the Engineering Technology Department. I have attended a couple of the regular meetings you guys have held and have enjoyed meeting and talking with some of you.


I have been tasked with spearheading the development of a Measurement and Instrumentation course, including some introduction to LabVIEW. I was selected for this task primarily because I used LabVIEW during my masters project a decade ago for calculating Reynolds number and Darcy friction factor real time while observing liquid flow through microtubes.


In this course, I have access to NI-DAQs for the students and would like to introduce them to LabVIEW with some relatively simple activities with bridge circuits, strain gages, pressure transducers, and other similar instruments.


Is there anyone in this group that could help me figure out some good introductory activities using LabVIEW with instruments such as these?

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Hello.  I'm a Certified LabVIEW Developer who has recently relocated to the Ogden area.  I work for the University of Dayton Research Institute full time at Hill AFB.  


If you still need any LabVIEW related help, I'm willing to help out if I can.  




David Burris


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