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Re: Error Handling

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If On Run-Time Error: in the Station Options is set to Ignore and Ignore Run-Time Errors in the step Run Options is checked then when the step throws an error which of the following will happen.

a) The error dialog will still show because the Sequence Properties needs a checkmark in Immediately Goto Cleanup on Sequence Failure to totally eliminate errors

b) SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError will execute

c) No dialog will appear and the error will be discarded

d) The engine will show the error dialog but RunState.Execution.ErrorObject.Occurred will be set to false

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I did a little bit of investigation around the difference in behaviour for the 'Ignore' Station Option and 'Ignore Run-Time Errors' step Run Option.  I would have thought for a specific single step generating and error that they would achieve the same thing (I thought we would get the same response from the test system with either selected (not both) for a single step generating an error). 

Turns out that if the Station Option Ignore is set on its own a SequenceFilePostStepRunTimeError callback in the sequence will be called in response to the step generating an error but if the step Ignore Run-Time Error run option is set on its own the SequenceFilePostStepRunTimeError callback will not be called when the step generates an error.

This is news to me and now I am wondering if this is the default TestStand behaviour or if I have another setting configured somewhere else that is causing this.  Any thoughts gladly appreciated.

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Either option will suppress the Run-Time Error dialog thrown by the engine.  However, only the step setting will suppress the SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError callback.  It is a step action afterall.

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