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Choosing The Right Process Model

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You are developing an automated test to test 5 widgets.  These 5 widgets will be placed inside of a temperature chamber and ran through 5 temperature cycles.  Discuss which process model you would choose and why?  If you would modify the model how would you modify it?  Which callbacks would you use in your client sequence file?

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Still no reply ... I'll make a start then. Process Model would be batch. All five UUTs are sharing the "resource" of the environmental chamber, meaning that they can't start and stop when they want to. They will have to execute a temperature specific test when the chamber dictates it ... that excludes the parallel process model (sequential was never an option).

As for the implementation, I probably would have done it all in the client sequence file ... as you are asking for having the five runs done by using callbacks:

I would probably use the PreUUT callback and implement a counter which gets incremented every iteration. If the counter is zero I would ask for serial numbers and allow to start the test. On every successive iteration I would change the setpoint of the environmental chamber and wait for the setpoint to be reached and succeed with executing the test.

This way would reduce code duplication as the same main sequence gets executed five times ... not sure that's the right approach though.

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The real answer is that there is not enough information to choose a model.


What are the requirements?

  • Test only when temperature is stable? (Acceptance Testing)
  • Monitoring during temperature transitions? (Look for Random Occurrences)
  • What is the temperature profile?
  • HASS, ESS, or Other?
  • Is a soak time required?
  • Test length?
  • Handshaking from chamber?
  • Will UUT self-heating affecting temp profile?
  • UUT Test Requirements & Complexity?

Also need to determine the Primary, Secondary,... drivers in choosing the best fit Process Model

  • Throughput ==> Parallel
  • Cost ==> Batch or Serial
  • Constant Monitoring ==> Parallel / Batch (all inputs same?)
  • Consistency ==> Serial (No interference)
  • Cost vs. Throughput Curve ==> Batch
  • Complexity of Test ==> ???
  • Space Limitations of test Equipment ==> ???
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