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Re: The Daily CLAD - Downtime

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Apologies for the continued downtime, things are dragging on a bit, but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and estimate that things may be back online next week.



Despite the downtime I just graduated in Mechanical but did a little LabVIEW in school and found the circuit diagram nature of it to be fun and just passed the CLAD today after 2 months of LabVIEW experience. I have to say the daily CLAD was the most helpful resource as the entire test is based in the current LabVIEW 2017 study guide but much harder to complete in the time given. Doing the practice test helped get and idea of the topics on the test but the practice the DCLAD provided I what I attribute my passing grade to.


Capture.PNGHi Steve,

 Please help me to understand the relation between rate, time target and sample rate for the above question. If we change  rate, time target and sample rate in any combination how to calculate it.

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I highly recommend you go look in the Certification Board.  This question has been asked many times there.

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I was having a hard time on this one so I build it. The Answer is B. The sample rate is 1sec so it takes 5 seconds for the 1st sample set. BUT the Elapsed time starts concurrently inside the while loop. So it goes ahead and completes one additional iteration. Kind of like wait until next multiple. 

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Hi Steve, Thanks a lot. I was following "The Daily CLAD" for my CLAD certification & successfully i have cleared the exam. this time its a little bit tough but whatever we have solved in "The Daily CLAD" it is very much similar to that.

Now my next target is to clear CLD. For that can you please guide me?