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Re: The Daily CLAD - Downtime

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As some of you may have guessed already, the light at the end of the tunnel went out and I am struggling to find the ON switch.


Apologies for the continued delay.






just want to know whether B,C and D are correct 


 Option B is best suited one...



I guess letter B matches better with the question.

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 could you please explain why?

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The main point is that you make Data Array Out the same type def as Data Array In.

A - Data Array Out is not even a type def right now (no triangle to indicate so), so that option is not available.

B - The type def of Data Array In is an Array of Clusters.  You lose that type def propagation at the autoindexing tunnel into the loop.  Since you, therefore,  do not have a type def at the output tunnel then B would not create a Data Array Out that was of the same type as Data Array In.

C - The description implies you are making a different type def.  So that is wrong.


Which leaves us with D.

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