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CLAD2017 - LV2017 - 2D Array Shuffle

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What are the contents of 2D Array Out following execution of the VI?


NOTE:  Multiple answers may apply:





Shuffle Answers.png



All Answers are correct. Becasue its Shffule function the output will not be determined.


The only thing we can check is all elements are there or not.. Smiley Wink

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I agree with sankar06, all 4 answers are possible (assuming there aren't any non-visible characters).


Did the function appear for the first time in version 2017?

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All the above.


That Array Shuffle.vim is what is called a "malleable VI", which is a technology that became official in LabVIEW 2017.  Think of them as super polymorphic VIs.

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Hi guys,

   Really happy to say yesterday I cleared my CLAD in first attempt itself. I am really grateful to this blog. So many of them cleared my doubts instantly in this blog. Really my knowledge in LabVIEW enhanced because of this blog only. Thank you all who have taken a part in that. Thank you.

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Congratulations Priya16, nice one.


Thanks for the marketing.  If you have a spare five minutes could you please post your CLAD exam experiences here.  At the moment I am particularly interested in how useful you found the NI CLAD Preparation Guide?



Sure steve. I would strongly recommend Preparation guide 2017. it will be really useful at the time of revision to assess ourselves whether we are covered all important concepts or not. Because it is the replica of our new syllabus pattern.

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All the Above


They are all possibilities.

A wrong answer (for example) might have had "likes" appear 4 times




All of the Above