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CLAD2017 - Hardware - DAQmx - Tasks

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Which of the following is/are TRUE regarding DAQmx Tasks?


NOTE:  Multiple answers may apply.


a) All channels in a task must have the same I/O type.

b) For most devices, only one task per subsystem can run at once, but some devices can run multiple tasks simultaneously.

c) Calling the DAQmx Read VI starts your task, performs the finite measurement, and stops the task after the last sample is read.

d) A task can include channels of different measurement types, such as an analog input temperature channel and an analog input voltage channel.



a) True. E.g.  if you have at task that has several analog channels you would not be able to add a digital channel.

b) True

c) It's possible to use the Read VI without the Start VI before and the Stop VI after it, but I would generally advise to use the Start and Stop VIs, especially if you Read multiple times (e.g. in a loop).

d) True.


Because of how the descriptions were phrased I did a short search and it seems a, b and d are straight from the LabVIEW help .

Knight of NI

A, B, C, and D.


Agree, do not advise C.

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All are True

Ray Farmer

All are applicable.

Happy to Wire

A; B, C, D


A, B, C and D

At first glance D is confusing and seems the opposite than A. Then I realized “analog input” is every time the same. What you do with the analog input, whatever you have for a sensor (as long you read a voltage) doesn’t matter.