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Re: CLAD2017 - Fundamentals - String Manipulation 4 of 5

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What is String Out following execution of the VI?


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OK, what am I missing... 😅


In the help file for "Pick Line" (interesting function, I've never used it before), it says,

"multi-line string contains one or more substrings separated by linefeeds."

I read this to mean that the delimiter in this function is the Line Feed character (ASCII code 10, or \n), and not the Carriage Return character (ASCII code 13, or \r).


However, after playing with the code, it seems that EACH delimiter used by Steve (\r\n*, \n, and \r) results in a new line for "Pick Line" to read.


Am I making a mistake while code-tinkering? Is the documentation wrong? (Or perhaps the documentation isn't wrong, just misleading? By saying "linefeeds" instead of "Line Feed characters"?)




*I'm on a Windows machine, so the End Of Line Constant for me is "\r\n".


Option C. Although, the logic is not totally clear.