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"ERROR code 56" when Download systemlink Files

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Dear ALL,


     When I use labview API to download files which are at systemlink server, I got the error code 56.

The systemlink version is 19.5.   The file size is 23MB.

Anyone know how to fixed this problem.

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Hi kisyou,


does this error occur for any file being downloaded from the server or only for files of a certain size (timeout error)?



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Hi kisyou,


From the jpg you attached, it looks like the error message you get is a timeout.  How long does it take for the VI to return that error?  As Stefan asked, do you get the same error when you request a very small file, say only 20kB or 50kB?



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Accepted by topic author kisyou

Hi Stefan,


   The error is form "http-get vi"  . The defaut timeout is 10s.   When I modify the defaut value, the problem is solved.


I think the labview vi should be optimesd the systemlink download vi, then we can change it easily.



thanks again

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Dear Brad,


   if the file size is small, the timeout time 10s is enough. The problem is api, we can not change the timeout value by a easily way.



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