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Write Skyline Tag in Exe - Missing DLL

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I made a simple application that runs on a PC that is registered as a Systemlink client.  I am getting an error while I call the "NI Skyline Tag AMQP.lvclass:Open Tag" to create a new systemlink tag.  I have narrowed down where this error happens.  It never happens in the developer environment.  It only happens when running in an exe on a computer that doesn't have the LabVIEW Developer Environment.  So for example, I can run the exe on my development laptop - no problem.  If I try to run this exe on the SystemLink client laptop that just has the runtime environment, I get the error. 

I am thinking that the build is missing DLL's that the Open Tag uses - mainly the "niskyline_tag.dll"

Does this seem reasonable?  If so, why does my exe build specification not include the dll?  It certainly includes all the vi's that call the dll's, so I would have expected it to make it into the build.

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I am specifically getting Error -251039 in my executable.  "NI Skyline Tag AMQP.lvclass:Open AMQP <ERR> Unable to load a client library.  Ensure the NI SystemLink Client is installed."  Does this match what you're seeing.


I have (of course) installed SystemLink Client on my deployment computer and even installed the real-time option.  Also, the version of the deployment PC matches my development PC (SystemLink Client 19.0.1)


Did you ever solve this issue?

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Thanks for the reminder! Yes, we did solve this issue and the error you are seeing is the error we got.  The reason is that the build specification has a bug where it does not currently pull in all the needed dll dependencies (as we suspected).  We were able to confirm this by copying the dll's to a new PC that had the exe installed on it and after moving the dll's to alongside the exe, the application worked fine and we no longer got errors.


The dll's you'll need are going to be at C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 depending on if you're running 32 or 64 bit LabVIEW.  The dll's that we needed were:
niskyline_tag.dll, niskyline_file.dll, and niskyline_message.dll.  There may be others that you'd needed depending on your application.

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Accepted by sdusing

There's a bug in the SystemLink Client installer where the 32-bit client libraries do not get installed on a 64-bit Windows machine. We don't recommend including DLLs next to your EXE. Instead, you can manually resolve the missing dependency in a couple ways:


  • When building a package that includes your EXE
    1. On the dependencies page, uncheck the box to Automatically select dependencies
    2. Click the Filter options button and check the box to show All visible packages
    3. Enter a Search text of SystemLink Client
    4. Check the box next to the runtime for each SystemLink API used by your application (e.g. NI SystemLink Message Client x86 Runtime)
      Package DependenciesPackage Dependencies
  • Manually installing the missing dependency on the deployment machine
    1. Install the SystemLink Client if you haven't already
    2. Open NI Package Manager
    3. Click the Gear in the upper-right and check the box to Show available packages and feed management tools
    4. Switch to the PACKAGES tab
    5. Uncheck the box for Products only
    6. Check the box next to the runtime for each SystemLink API used by your application (e.g. NI SystemLink Message Client x86 Runtime)
    7. Click the INSTALL button

These issues should be resolved in the next version of SystemLink.

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Thank you both for giving me more information on this bug.  I'm following the manual install method and that is working great for me.

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