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Dear community,


I would like to develop a web application with LabVIEW NXG and the Web Module. In this application, I have a backend part handling data and using SystemLink VIs (tags, files, messages). The clients (web browsers) will also be "using" these VIs to receive data. I would like this application to be running on a dedicated web server machine.


However this is not so clear what kind of license is required in that case. I have the NI Web Server installed on my development machine, but how about the server machine? Do I need a separate SystemLink server license?


Thanks for your help.

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Hi drrienc, 


There is no separate license for the NI Web Server. You are free to install the NI Web Server, your web application, and its corresponding services on a dedicated deployment machine without paying anything additional to the Web Module development license that you already have. 


As a tip, you might find it easiest to build your web application into a package installer, include the NI Web Server and anything else as dependencies, and then use that package installer to deploy the whole app to your deployment machine. 


Rita Prather
Software Product Manager
National Instruments
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Hello Rita,


Excellent. Thanks for your kind reply.




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