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Systemlink and NI web server - Possible Log4j vulnerability?

I have SystemLink installed on a PC. It is not so much that I wanted to use SystemLink, but I did need the NI web server, which is a key component within SystemLink.

The NI web server is based on Apache httpd and therefore I fear it might possibly be vulnerable for Log4j exploits.

I have not heard from NI yet on if/how this affects applications built on Systemlink or webservices using the NI web server or even the NI application server.




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SystemLink doesn't include any Java-based services or 3rd party components, so it shouldn't be affected.


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@aartjan, the official statement from NI is:


"NI is aware of CVE-2021-44228, which describes a critical vulnerability in Apache log4j. We are currently investigating to determine which, if any, products are affected by this. We will provide additional information as we learn more."
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Is there a knowledgebase article link that has that information in it that will be updated once you have concluded your internal investigations? I'd like a statement that covers all NI software e.g. LabVIEW / Drivers / Toolkits for our auditing purposes.

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@Sam_Sharp The best KnowledgeBase to follow is one that was published yesterday:

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Does NI have any updates on this issue?

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